New Tech Mining, Inc - Underground Contract Coal Mining

New Tech Mining, Inc. manages and provides high quality technologically advanced coal mining operations with well-established field personnel.  We are for hire and currently seeking new contracts.  We have several years of combined working knowledge in the Appalachian Region as well as an excellent infrastructure of workers.

If you are looking to hire Underground Contract Coal Miners......Our co-owners have decades of experience and knowledge from working numerous coal seams located within the Appalachian region to position our company as a regional expert that can be invaluable regarding the technical capability to improve your mining operations. Contact Us Today.

NTM Consulting, LLP - Coal Mining Consultants

NTM Consulting, LLP specializes in underground coal mining consulting.  We are experienced in all aspects of underground coal mining.  Particular expertise lies within planning and operating underground coal mines using continuous mining applications.  We assist companies in the following areas:

bulletProduction Analysis and Mining Capabilities
bulletIndependent Operational Review of current mining operations
bulletCoal Property Valuation
bulletIndependent Cost Analysis including Labor and Supply Costs Analysis
bulletImproving Efficiency
bulletInitial Cost Projections including New Mine Startup and Site Preparation Cost Analysis
bulletMine Layout
bulletMining Equipment: Assessment, Acquisition, Cost Analysis, Equipment Planning
bulletTotal Mining Cost Detailed Analysis
bulletGeneral Mine Consulting
bulletMining Feasibility Studies
bulletPre-Contract Problem Solving 
bulletDetermining / Identifying Important Contractual Responsibilities between Parties
bulletExpert Witness (with limited considerations)

Our company employees have up-to-date knowledge on how to run efficient and highly productive coal mines.  If you wish to invest in a coal mining business please visit our Investors Page and then contact us so we can help you better understand the mining business, both the rewards and the risks.   Contact Us Today.

NTM Ventures, LLC - Coal Mining Ventures

There are good business and accounting reasons to create a joint venture (JV) with a company that has complementary capabilities and resources or that can provide additional expertise.  Joint ventures are becoming an increasingly common way for companies to form strategic alliances in the coal business.  NTM Ventures, LLC was established for the purpose of forming joint ventures with two or more companies who agree to share in the capital, technology, human resources, risks and rewards when reorganizing or forming new coal mining operations under shared control.

Our strategic focus is on new or reorganized underground coal mining operations.  If you have a need or interest in forming a strategic alliance with a highly qualified coal mining company please, Contact Us Today.

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