Are you interested in Coal Property for Sale, Coal Permits for Sale, Coal Leases for Sale, Coal Mines for Sale, Coal Reserves for Sale...?      If so, we may have what you are looking for.  Please read further.

Depending on the length of time that you have been searching you may have already discovered that finding and obtaining a viable coal reserve can be rather challenging.  By discovering New Tech Mining Resources, Inc. you have found a company that has similar interests as your own.  We do not wish to enter into any coal projects that are not viable projects.  The good news is that we have the capability to determine what is viable and what is not.  Our company has considerable expertise in the coal industry.  Please take a look at Our Companies and also feel free to ask for our Management Team resumes.

Because of our reputation we receive phone calls on a regular basis from coal property owners who desire to either lease coal reserves, have coal property for sale, or want to develop their own private coal reserves.  Several times coal property owners have asked New Tech Mining Resources, Inc. to come in with an Investor and work as the contract miner.  In the past few  months we have reviewed several such projects most of which are located in the Eastern United States Appalachian Region primarily consisting of bituminous coal (both Metallurgical and Steam).  Some properties have been viable, many have not been viable.  Knowing the difference is critical.

Due to the current economic climate and the fluctuations in the coal market several coal reserves have become available.  But be careful.  Tom Roberts, the General Manager of New Tech Mining has always said, "It's easy to find a coal property that looks like a good deal on paper".  What he means is that sometimes certain details are conveniently omitted from coal property reports, such as bad core hole data among other things.  Omissions or in some cases over exaggerations on reports can get a purchaser of a coal property or lease into real trouble and sometimes it isn't realized until mining begins.

We are very interested in working with a few more Investors and believe we can form a healthy alliance with you if you are serious.  We feel we can be an asset to your overall objective keeping in mind that our primary objective is  Managing, Developing, and Contract Mining on a good viable long-term property.  We have the resources and expertise to accomplish this.  We understand your need and it compliments our need as well. 

Another comment Tom Roberts makes often is, "Most of the good deals are already taken".  This is true.  However, we do know of a few "good deals" that may still be available.  Our contact information is below.  We approach all new business with serious professionalism and confidentiality. 

Each time we look at a new project we fill out a Project Fact Sheet and keep the information in our database.  We can forward a project fact sheet to your company if the matching project(s) is/are still available that meets your criteria.  We may ask in advance for proof of available funds.  We will also need to clear up any finder's fee, if applicable and we may also ask you to sign an agreement regarding first right of refusal that allows New Tech Mining, Inc. the opportunity to mine and develop the property for you.  Obviously, for your benefit, any first right of refusal for mining the property will need to state that our mining price must be equal to or better than our competitor's price.

Please take time to look at the rest of our site.  Take a look at our Home page, our primary Services, Our Companies, and notice the Benefits of teaming with New Tech Mining, Inc.  If you need consulting services or are considering a joint venture please read about NTM Consulting, LLP and NTM Ventures, LLC.



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Michael Crowder





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