If you are looking for COAL MINING CONTRACTORS, COAL MINING CONSULTANTS, or VENTURES IN THE COAL MINING INDUSTRY  you just found one of the best technologically advanced underground coal mining contractors in Central Appalachia.

About Our Company

Welcome to our website.  Whether you are checking out our company for the first time or have known us for many years, we want you to know that we appreciate having you visit us.  Our relationship with you is important to our company.  

New Tech Mining Resources, Inc. (www.NewTechMining.com) is a company established as a closely held private corporation and is located in the Central Appalachian coalfields.  New Tech Mining Resources, Inc manages, staffs, and operates underground coal mines, provides consulting services, and provides joint venture opportunities in the coal industry.  (Look at Our Companies).  We also provide support services to Investors.  

Our officers and owners have significant experience in the coal mining industry.  

Our motto is "Team Work Makes the Dream Work" and that idea is supported within the fabric of our company and by our management team.  Whatever your reason is for visiting our company we want you to have a positive and successful adventure while you visit.  And, whatever your goal is we want to help you reach it.                 

Our headquarters are located in Historic Blountville, Tennessee.  We currently operate in the Eastern part of the United States in the Central Appalachia Region working in the states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama and Tennessee.  We have an outstanding infrastructure in place to help you succeed.  Start by reading our Company Vision and  Company Mission and then feel free to click around.   Make sure you take a look at the Services that we offer and the Companies that make up our business.  Also take note of the Benefits you'll experience when you team with New Tech Mining, Inc.  

In addition, if you are a University, Community College, or other learning institution and are looking for a location to build your knowledge of the mining industry or looking to develop a mining workforce partnership, we take pride in cooperating with higher learning institutions and will be happy to discuss safe opportunities that we may be able to provide.  

We have a lot of expertise within our company and hope you will find satisfaction as you get to know us.

Again, Welcome to our Site!


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Company Vision

To grow into one of the leading contract mining companies in Central Appalachia by utilizing the necessary manpower and equipment to extract coal from the earth and deliver it to our clients in the safest, most competitive cost, and most environmentally responsible way possible. 

Our Mission

Our Company provides contract coal mining services to major coal companies, private lease holders, energy companies, and steel companies.  Our Mission is to conform to the specifications and requirements of our clients with whom we provide contracted services.  We aim to completely satisfy our clients by providing quality coal output in the safest working environment with a team of the best-trained and dedicated employees.  We provide the best quality service while properly abiding by or exceeding state and federal guidelines.  

Company Values

We will not compromise safety.  We place high emphasis on teamwork.  We also maintain a workforce that is not only dedicated and enjoys working within our team but has inter-working relationships based on honesty, trust, high performance, and mutual respect all while providing reliable, economical, and productive coal mining and human resource services to our clients

Contact Information

Electronic mail
General Information: info@newtechmining.com
Webmaster: webmaster@newtechmining.com

One of Central Appalachia's best Coal Mining Contractors.  A leader among Contract Coal Mining Companies!



We are also known as mining contractors, underground

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